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Smart Questions

Sony was launching their new global campaign. It starred Peyton Manning, Justin Timberlake and other notable folks as a panel of experts on all things Sony. They asked Odopod to bring the concept to life on the web - and to showcase the tremendous breadth of Sony's products.

We decided to use the web to further develop the characters and allow the audience to have a deeper experience with these interesting experts. So we developed an interactive video showcase hosted by Peyton and JT called Ask the Experts, where users could choose a question and get an expert answer.

We conceived and shot a series of videos - over 20 - with our experts including Amy Sedaris, photographer Nigel Barker and sports broadcaster Erin Andrews. We combined live action and 3D environments to create films that reflected the personality of each expert.

The end result feels more like a show than a website. It’s lively, engaging and jam-packed with useful product information.

The site looks amazing and we couldn't be more pleased with the work. I sincerely thank all of Odopod for your talent, long hours and dedication to the project.

Same Team, New Name

It's been thirteen years since we started Odopod.

We've always wanted one thing: to do the best work of our lives. Along the way, we have been joined by an eclectic and exceptionally talented bunch of people who wanted the same thing. Together, we've built a company we love.

Two years ago, Odopod was acquired by Nurun.

The acquisition was a validation of everything we had built. It was also a catalyst for some big changes we wanted to make. We began to tackle bigger, thornier problems and to work all over the world. With Nurun, we've had a series of huge wins and have been producing our best work yet.

That's why we recently decided to retire the Odopod brand, formally adopt Nurun as our name, and take the reins of Nurun's US operations.

We're all still here—same team with the same appetite for great work, only now with different e-mail addresses and more frequent flyer miles. And we're growing, so send your talented friends our way.

Keep an eye out for new work from Nurun. It will be our best yet.

Tim, Dave, Jacquie, JT & Guthrie

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