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The Web on Your Console

After forming a solid relationship during the PSP and PS3 Video productions, PlayStation approached Odopod to help them refresh the home page of the native browser on the PS3 console.

Designing interfaces for television always proves to be a challenging, but rewarding experience. While tackling this project we were faced with loads of questions - how do we design for both SD and HD formats without having to load two different sites? How do we make it super easy to navigate and understand? How do we develop an experience that requires minimum input from an the controller? How do we get people to stick around, but also make it easy for them to go away?

The solution? Through many rounds of prototypes, we developed of a flexible browser design that offers PS3 users a combination of external website links as big chunky buttons, and PlayStation feature promos. In the HD version the user is presented with the same content, only a greater amount of links are visible. In the SD version, fewer number of links are seen and the image is loaded at the same aspect ratio, only a smaller size.

Thus, one design, two formats, a bunch of modules and a lot of happy users.

It's always fun working on projects with PlayStation. I love stepping out of the desktop onto other devices.

Same Team, New Name

It's been thirteen years since we started Odopod.

We've always wanted one thing: to do the best work of our lives. Along the way, we have been joined by an eclectic and exceptionally talented bunch of people who wanted the same thing. Together, we've built a company we love.

Two years ago, Odopod was acquired by Nurun.

The acquisition was a validation of everything we had built. It was also a catalyst for some big changes we wanted to make. We began to tackle bigger, thornier problems and to work all over the world. With Nurun, we've had a series of huge wins and have been producing our best work yet.

That's why we recently decided to retire the Odopod brand, formally adopt Nurun as our name, and take the reins of Nurun's US operations.

We're all still here—same team with the same appetite for great work, only now with different e-mail addresses and more frequent flyer miles. And we're growing, so send your talented friends our way.

Keep an eye out for new work from Nurun. It will be our best yet.

Tim, Dave, Jacquie, JT & Guthrie

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