If you want a Job at Odopod, go to RIT

I just returned from a recruiting event at the Rochester Institute of Technology. It was a forum for students in their third and fourth years of the school's new media program to meet with prospective employers.

I was super impressed. It was clear that RIT is producing the best new media talent in the world, rivaling Hyper Island.

The program offers two degrees. Students can pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in New Media Interactive Development through the Interactive Games and Media department or a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in New Media Design and Imaging through the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences. As a result they graduate with a focus on design or development. However, almost all the students were remarkably well rounded.

I don’t pretend to know exactly what they’re doing at RIT but a few things are evident.

The students I met had a real appreciation and understanding of all the roles required to make great new media productions. This appears to be a byproduct of the school’s collaborative, team-based approach to learning. It also maps closely to what these students will find in the real world upon graduating.

In addition to a broad understanding of how new media is made, many of the students have a nice mix of talent, experience and confidence that I wish was more common in new graduates from other schools. The confidence is especially important. Having worked with a couple recent graduates, I've noticed that these students have the confidence to assume that they can figure out the problems they encounter in a project - and they have a solid enough foundation to make that true.

I'm always excited to hire and work with RIT grads. I only wish there were more schools in the US producing students as well equipped, but I'm hopeful of emerging programs and students from other places like Boulder Digital Works. We're keeping a close eye on the future of digital education.


  • lukeMV says:
    Posted: 04.14.10

    Unlike most college programs that teach a subject, RIT teaches their students not only a technique and technology, but also how to read trends and to adapt to the front of them.

  • Ben says:
    Posted: 04.14.10

    Totally agree. Only 4 year university digital program out there that "gets what it takes" to enter the field.

  • RIT NewMediaDesignStudent says:
    Posted: 04.14.10

    This is the nicest article anyone has ever written about our program! The students here work REALLY hard and it is so nice to be noticed and praised by such an amazing company, which many of us idolize. We are sincerely grateful for the recognition and hope to keep impressing you in the future!

  • Greg says:
    Posted: 04.14.10

    As an RIT New Media grad, the greatest thing they taught me was how to learn. We learned so many different programs and techniques that I'm confident that I'll be able to learn anything that I need to make it in this crazy interactive world.

  • Chris says:
    Posted: 04.14.10

    We don't just have New Media majors! The Software Engineering department churns out wonderfully prepared new grads ready to work hard in the software development lifecycle. Definitely something to keep an eye out for.

  • RITCSMAJOR says:
    Posted: 04.15.10

    @chris GTFO, this isn't about your inferior software engineering department, at least we CS majors don't go bragging about working hard with software development lifecycles

  • prospective employer says:
    Posted: 04.15.10

    Well now I definitely won't be looking at RIT for CS grads. I kid, but seriously ease up and enjoy the good media attention to your school as a whole. Go Tigers :-)

  • Manny Contomanolis says:
    Posted: 04.15.10

    Thanks Tim fo your thoughtful observations about RIT and the Creativity: Careers in Motion event. We're very proud of our university and our students and it's always nice to hear the "real world" comment on their abilities and potential. It truly is a collaborative effort here at RIT and we have great faculty, career services staff, and employer partners to thank for our success. For more info about RIT please visit us a www.rit.edu.

  • Maria Eriksson says:
    Posted: 04.15.10

    Wow, sounds like such an interesting program! As you know, we (Hyper Island) are starting up our long term programs in the US next year, and I would love to get in touch with the RIT folks, would you mind introducing? //Maria, Hyper Island

  • Allison Q McCarthy says:
    Posted: 04.15.10

    Maria - send your contact info to hello@odopod.com and we'll make a connection.

  • Marianne O'Loughlin says:
    Posted: 04.15.10

    Hello Maria, You can contact us/ me directly @ meofaa@rit.edu Thank you Tim for your wonderful article. We are proud of our extremely talented students and proud of the program we have developed here at RIT. It is great to to know that our interdisciplinary collaboration of 10 years is succeeding in our effort to be the leaders in creative innovation. Sincerely, Marianne O'Loughlin Program Chair New Media Design & Imaging College of Imaging Arts & Sciences

  • Caelin says:
    Posted: 04.15.10

    This is one of the nicest and most morale boosting articles I've ever read lol. It is a lot of hard work, but all of it is necessary and it is nice to know that creative companies are recognizing it!

  • Andy Phelps says:
    Posted: 04.15.10

    I can't thank you enough for the article, much appreciated to see recognition for what we are trying to do academically and the awesome energy of our students. On the other side from Marianne (who is great) is the New Media Interactive Development program, that is part of the Interactive Games & Media department in the college of computing. You can contact me directly as well for inquiries and relations on that side of the house, at andy@mail.rit.edu. Sincerely, Andrew Phelps, Professor & Chair, Interactive Games & Media.

  • William Colgrove says:
    Posted: 04.15.10

    As a two time RIT graduate (BFA in Graphic Design in '92 and a MFA in Computer Graphic Design in '94) who runs an agency that employs several other RIT grads I'm super proud that RIT is getting recognition from a place like Odopod. Thanks much Tim, you guys rule!

  • Kevin W (NMD from RIT) says:
    Posted: 04.16.10

    Hey, I know some of these people :) RIT turned a hard core mechanical engineer and astrophysicist into a New media designer and visual effects artist in 4 years. I'm proud to say I went there! -- Kevin

  • Colin says:
    Posted: 04.27.10

    Amazing article. I can't agree enough.

  • Romaine Smikle says:
    Posted: 07.07.10

    i like it but i want joint r.i.t

  • Nicolle says:
    Posted: 01.15.12

    I just got accepted into this program @ RIT. YEAHHHHHHHH!!! Cool :). I'm super excited, even though graphic design was my first choice this actually sounds more challenging/fun!

  • russia tours says:
    Posted: 01.29.12

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