DjangoCon US 2012

This September I had the immense pleasure of attending DjangoCon US, the annual official conference on the Django web framework.

After three consecutive years in Portland OR, the conference was held for the first time on the East coast, in Washington DC. This new location attracted a new crowd and it was great to both meet old friends and see many new faces. The attendance reached its highest number yet, with 420 Djangonauts, which demonstrates how popular Django has become throughout the continent.

I was fortunate to have a talk selected as part of the official program. The topic of my talk was on Vagrant, a free open-source tool facilitating the manipulation of virtualized environments, and how it may benefit the development of Django applications. This talk was aimed at Django developers of all levels who were interested in getting an overview of the great possibilities Vagrant offers to support teamwork and quality assurance.

I wrote a summary of this talk on the Nurun blog. Check out the video here and the slides below.

The conference program was rich and diverse, covering a wide range of topics from the integration with database backends like PostgreSQL and Redis, to the building of real time applications, or the integration with mobile client frontends.

Automated testing, a topic that I'm quite passionate about, was well represented in particular with excellent talks by David Cramer and Erik Rose. It was also really interesting to see several talks about design, which is extremely relevant to the work that we do at Odopod — I recommend in particular viewing Julia Elman's talk, Is Django for Designers?. All the talks were video-recorded and published online so I encourage anyone interested in Django and Python to check them out!

Like at Pycon earlier this year, I also participated in sprints for two days. This was an opportunity for people to gather and make code or design contributions either to the Django project itself or to other open-source applications from the Django ecosystem. Personally I worked on the djangocore-box, a Vagrant virtual machine that I created to facilitate the execution of the Django core test suite. I also helped other people get started with their first contributions to the Django codebase and I reviewed and committed several patches.

DjangoCon was an absolute blast. It was really exciting and inspiring to meet so many incredibly smart people. Next year it will be in Chicago and I already can't wait be there again!

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